Monday, October 14, 2013


Well, I have officially retired my trusty Motorola Razr in favor of a phone that can text message and surf the internets.  It is both exciting and sad.  I do like that flashlight app, though. 

Had a shitty weekend of Dracoola.  Rained out on Thursday and Friday, then on Saturday I was the senior company member at the show, and thus in charge of making the call as to whether we cancel or go on, with a close to capacity crowd, and it decided to rain off-and-on again all night.  And rain just hard enough to NOT cancel the show.  So we got a complete show in, but everybody got wet and uncomfortable as hell.  And we might have ruined some borrowed furniture.  But the audience loved it and we made good money on the show, so we can afford to buy the ruined furniture and buy everybody in the cast a drink so that they don't get too crabby, so I guess everything works out in the end. 

I'm still loving the job.  I feel like I have been dead for the last 10 years and somebody just came and woke me up and now I get to be alive again.  It's really quite wonderful.  The only thing the job is missing is a nerf basketball in the office. 

Oh, and since I'm feeling generally better about life and my hangovers seem to last for about 3 days now, I think I'm going to try and not drink all the time.  Yay, me!