Friday, November 04, 2011


A little over a week ago, Jeannie was out of town and I was home alone. I was very bored and I had already watched some CHEERS, worked on the house a little, and tried to do some reading. All my usual time-killers. But I knew that the St. Louis Cardinals were in the world series, and they were playing game 6, and if the Cards lost they would be eliminated so I decided to get online and see if I could find a broadcast or something of the game. And I haven't followed baseball (or any sport, really) since 8th grade, and when I last followed the Cardinals their manager was named "Whitey" and Ozzie Smith used to do flips before the games. So really, the only player I knew was Albert Pujols (pronounced poo holes) and I didn't give a rats ass about the Cardinals, the World Series, or baseball in general. And then I found a broadcast of the game on internet radio and turned it on and it was the 6th inning, and it was the best baseball game I've ever heard. And I was laying in the dark listening until 1am when the Cards finally won on a home run in the 11th inning. It was basically everything that is good and exciting and somewhat mythological and sacred (at least in the U.S.) about baseball distilled down into a few innings. Really amazing.

So anyway, I just wanted to write about that because it was a very strange experience for me.

The Jeanners and I are in St. Louis, in town for the impending nuptuals of E. Elz. We got in town relatively late Thursday night and it's been a good trip so far. Had some good time with the fams, and last night I went to dinner with Drew and Eric and some other dudes that I didn't know and we had a good time chatting and having drinks and smoking cigars (although I abstained from the cigars [I think if I had one it might be a little too close to a cigarette and I don't even want to tempt fate with that]) and speaking of manly things. Then we headed to a bar that was called, I think, Atomic Cowboy, that included a patio out back and a quonset hut and a bathroom without a toilet, and swing dancers and a stage. And the ladies arrived from wherever they had been out dining, probably speaking about womanly things, and I got to see Catherine and Karista and Felicity and Amy E. and meet Catherine's sister. And so we sat around and chatted and had drinks and took pictures and then Amy E. threw a Guinness glass against the wall after being egged on by someone. So that was weird. But it was a good time, and great to see Eric and Drew, and I had a lot of fun.

Today Jerns and I had lunch with my brother at the high school where he teaches, and right now she is getting a haircut, and then tonight we are meeting Uncle Rico to have some Mexican food at a restaurant that will most likely not have the word "BIG" or an animal name in its name. Which means that we will be breaking our tradition of eating in restaurants that have the word "BIG" or an animal name in their respective names.

What else?

I'm done working on the set. The tour has started in Maryland and the set is travelling around and so unless it needs mid-tour repairs I'm done.

Work has been busy, mostly getting ready for Christmas (I think it's going to be a busy holiday season this year) and getting ready for my being out of town.