Thursday, November 01, 2012

My Mushroom Cap

Here's a picture of Jeannie and Sam on his first Halloween. 

Jeannie spent about 70% of the three days that we were at home together working on the damn things.  She was having so much fun.  It was nice to see her getting so much enjoyment out of a little project like that. 

Going back to work yesterday su-hu-ucked.  Catching up on 3 days worth of shipments, 3 days worth of customers, and trying to get ready for Christmas was no good.  Plus, I was in a little bit of Sam n' Jeannie withdrawal. 

So anyway, Sam's got a little bit of a cold right now, and he's a little more pukey than usual, so we've just been spending a normal day at home (although we did walk up to Harvest Fare earlier and buy a variety of soup products).  We've got a branch in the back that needs to get cut up, but I probably won't do it today because it's still a bit rainy and damp and gross.  Although, we're in November now, so it's probably gonna be that way for awhile. 

Time to do some dishes.