Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Does this have to do with teabagging?

Right now there is a latino-looking man using a weed whacker around some of the trees next door, and he's wearing one of those black, long-sleeved shirts with what appears to be a white, embossed skeleton torso on it, a la the Cobra Kai halloween costumes. Anyway, that doesn't have much to do with anything, I just happened to look out the window and that's what I saw and it made me think of the Cobra Kai.

Fear does not exist in this dojo.

Not too much going on today. I'm off work, and after doing some dishes and Ipod updating, I'm now going to spend the rest of the morning and probably a good portion of the afternoon pulling nails out of the floor of the back bedroom. We gots to take the floorboards up to try and level the joists underneath so we can then put down some hardwood on top and not feel like we're listing to the starboard side.

Perhaps I shall have a tasty egg-based breakfast before beginning.

Right now I'm listening to a CD that was sent to me by the U2 fan club (don't laugh at me), and it consists of duets that the band has done over the years. Right now I'm listening to a live duet with Mick Jagger on "Stuck in a Moment" that makes my perineum hurt. And not in a good way.

I finished The Pale King. It's strange to say, but it's about 550 pages long and it feels like it's maybe the first 20% of a novel. When it's published as "unfinished," it makes me think that maybe it lacks an ending or it needs to be polished or something, but that really is not the case in this instance. It was good, and I enjoyed reading it, but it really was just the beginning of something that, if DFW had been around to continue it, would have been gargantuan. It really reminds me of, like, finding a dinosaur bone or something. We've got like one tiny leg bone here, and the real ferocious, massive beast that one day was born and lived and ate and died will have to be a lost thing that exists only in the imagination.

I think I definitely will have eggs, and then it's off to pull nails. If I get done early, I might play a little Civ III.

p.s. The title of this post (or something like it, I can't remember exactly what Jeannie told me I said) is something that I said to Jeannie while I was sleeping 2 nights ago and she pulled the sheet up to cover me a little better.