Monday, January 30, 2012


Sometimes when Jeannie and I eat spinach, we call it "spinachi" (pronounced spin-AH-ki), and then we immediately say, "..a gunner, name of Winocki..." which is a reference to the scene in Pulp Fiction where Christopher Walken is talking about hiding the gold watch up his behind. Anyway, that's just a fun little fact brought to mind by the smell of the spinach that Jeannie is cooking there in the kitchen. I myself can't stand cooked spinach (or its smell, for that matter), I only like spinach fresh and uncooked in a salad. J-Dog likes them cooked greens, though.

I haven't written in awhile, mainly because too busy. Busy with work, busy with house stuff, and then 2 weekends ago I had a few CSC obligations that took up some time. This last weekend, though was a bit more balanced and I got to spend more time with the Jeanners, and we got some good work done which was nice. It has put me in a bit of a euphoric mood over the last day or two. The other thing that has put me in a good mood is the fact that we have been entertaining the idea of paying people to do the rest of the drywalling and also refinishing the floors. Now, we still have to find out exactly how much all that would cost, which could take a great big dump all over the whole idea, but still, it's exciting to throw the thought around.

Tomorrow after work I'm going to look at a building with the folks from Ches. Shakes., so hopefully that could be exciting. Then a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, where I will hopefully get the prescrption for my inhaler refilled because it seems to be doing the trick for keeping my cough at bay (and when I stopped using it for a few days ye olde coughe came back). Then Thursday I am off work and have a bit more wiring and cleaning up to do here at the homestead, and then to rehearsal for Merchant to go work on some of the music that I helped with. And that's pretty much what I've got to look forward to for the next few days.

Also: I am excited about the notion that a baby is brewing.