Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Korn was in town for a visit, so she and I and Brian G got together, and they came over to the neighborhood to check out the house and then hit Los Amigos for mediocre mexican food and drink.

What else? Not much. The Jeanners and I had a fun time last night working on some drywall and blasting some tunes. We had a nice run of a few songs in a row that were good and pumped. Good workin' music.

It seems to rain here all the time now -- the remnants of whatever current tropical depression is breaking up down in the Gulf.

Tonight Jerns and I did a stack of dishes that was taller than [here I came up with three possible conclusions to this statement, none of which are very funny. Feel free to use a conclusion of your own. 1: your mom. 2: my mom 3: the height of my ballsack from the floor.]

I had to google "ballsack." I thought it was spelled "ballsac," but it seems "ballsack" is the preferred spelling.

Tomorrow: work and drywall.

Thursday: drywall and work.

Friday: work and drywall.

Saturday: drywall.