Friday, September 28, 2012

In September, When the Air Turns Crisp and My Yeast Begins to Thrive...

Sam just fell asleep for a nap, and it's not really time for him to fall asleep for a nap yet.  He should still be up for another hour, eat, and then fall asleep for a nap.  But I'm not complaining.  And the old adage about sleeping dogs applies to babies as well. 

Not too much going on here.  It's late September, and the weather here has just been gorgeous for quite awhile now.  Just cool enough for pants and a T-shirt.  Regular rain, but regular sunshine as well.  Beautiful. 

My sister and her husband were here for a visit over the weekend, and then stopped back in last night before heading to the airport this morning.  Had a good time catching up with them, and I think my sister got a little smitten with Sam. 

I finally learned how to play Ooh La La on guitar!  Fun one to sing along to. 

The A-Train came over on Wednesday night for dinner and a little baby-time, and it was good to catch up with her.  She will be in a (perhaps bad) production of Little Shop near our house, so I think we'll try and make our way over to see it at some point, cause I like that show and I think Aimee will make a good Audrey. 

Hmmm.  That's all I feel like writing right now. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Kindness of Strangers

Well, at work tonight I was feeling proud as punch because I checked my e-mail (from my Razr phone!  Suck it, Steve Jobs!  Wait, I take that back.  I'm sorry you're dead.  And sorry for your friends and family.) and saw that a stranger had left a nice comment on my previous blog post (nice except for the part where he talks about coming upon me), and I also saw that what I thought was a stranger had "favorited" some of my songs on a music sharing website (although it turned out that that "stranger" is actually somebody that I knew from college, so now I don't know whether the "favoriting" was genuine or a courtesy favorite).  But anyway, it's nice to get compliments from people you've never met and who, most likely, you never will meet.

Yesterday me and the missus and our critter packed up and headed out to visit our friends Chris and Anna who live about an hour and a half to the West, and their young son Caleb, who is a mere 2 months older than our Sam.  And let me tell you, if you don't think that two sub-one-year-olds getting together and sniffing around each other and trying to eat each other is cute, then you are a soulless, sourpuss McGrumpy.  If you've ever wondered, "Am I dead inside?," watch this video and you will know:

I applaud Caleb's technique of attacking the eyes first.  I smell a future cage fighter.  Anyway, we had a very nice time meeting Caleb and catching up with Chris and Anna.  Also took a wonderful hike that made my ass hurt in a good way (but not that good), and finished it off with a tasty dinner.  Must make the effort to get out there more often.  P.S.  If you want to see a cute picture of me with two babies, check it out here at Anna's (and her sisters' [one of whom is Katie, the North American Traveller] ) blog.

Here's a funny story, and it's quick:  the other day I told a co-worker that adults shouldn't read comic books and watch superhero movies.  She told me adults shouldn't fart on other people.  Touche'. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


There are several things I would like to do right now.  Sam has just gone to sleep for a lil' nap, and I need to:

1.  Eat breakfast.  Preferably eggs, bacon (aw, shizzle, I just remembered we're out of bacon), biscuits, juice. 

2.  Take a shower or bath.  Preferably a bath cause then I can reads while I gets clean.  I stink bad. 

3.  Brush teeths.

4.  Take a nap.  Rule #1 of baby raisin':  sleep when he/she sleeps.  

Really, I guess that's all I need to do right now.  Not as much as I thought.

I am watching the little bugger today while the J-Dog works, then I'll be going in to work tonight at 5.  I don't usually mind the 5 to Close shifts too much because I can often get away with not doing too much and reading a book or something.  I finished the David Foster Wallace biography last night and I've decided that I didn't really like it very much.  It did, however, make me go back and start re-reading Girl With Curious Hair, and then probably Brief Interviews... will be next, and then Oblivion.  And if I'm still in the mood for more DFW after all that, then I'll re-read Infinite Jest.  Still the best book out there, by the way. 

I got called for Jury Doodie the other day.  But it's been less than a year since I last served so I sent that summons right on back.  I think that I will be like my Dad, and enjoy getting called for Jury Doodie when I am retired, but whiles I gots billz to pay I can't be doing it more often than I need to. 

Well, blogg writing is not on my list of things I'd like to accomplish in the next 45-120 minutes, so I'd better get started on my cookin'.

(when I just wrote "cookin'", I first mis-typed it and wrote "xookin'," which I think looks like a pretty awesome word)

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Just Diarrhea

I think if I wrote a collection of short stories, it would be called Just Diarrhea.

Can you guess who my favorite song of the moment is by?  If you guessed Art Garfunkel, then you were right!  Seriously, though, it's on a new collection of his, and it's a pretty good song.  It's not like it's my favorite song of all time or anything, but I like it.  Plus, he says "fuck" in it.  You can listen to it here at NPR probably for a little while.  About halfway down the page.  It's called "Long Way Home."

I've been thinking lately about trying to do some recording.  I've got a few chord changes and melodies in my head that I'd like to try and flesh out to see if they could bcome something more or just die on the table.  I'm not sure, though, that setting up all the equipment and trying to carve out some time for recording is such a good idea, because it would be hard to record while Sam is awake, and hard to record while he is asleep, and it's not like the house is finished or anything.  So there's a lot going against it.  But who knows.  We'll see. 

The Jeanners and I got to see each other for longer than 15 minutes this morning, and it was pretty awesome.  Tomorrow we both have the day off together, which is even awesomer.

 (fart sound)

Today I took a nap in the back bedroom and it was fantastic.  If you're ever over at my house (and why wouldn't you be, really?), you should request to take a nap in the rear bedroom.  You'll probably have to remind me what you're talking about, cause I'll probably just assume you're talking about something dirty.

(fart sound)

I wonder if posts are funnier when, instead of just blank spaces in between paragraphs, there are fart sounds. Let's talk offline about it after the meeting.   

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Rice O'Bill

My parents are here for a visit and dammit if it ain't going pretty well.  They have gotten quality time with the lil' Dude, the kind of QT they did not really get when we were in St. Louis in June.  So that's been nice.  They've also gotten to busy themselves with doing little projects around our house, which they have also enjoyed (although my dad has been chagrined that his chainsaw wouldn't start and thus he was not able to cut up the 4 branches in my yard that are too beefy for the loppers). 

The Jeanners has been real busy at work this week.  Getting home and eating dinner and spending a little time with the boy and then going to bed. 

Oh, and Sam made me so fucking crazy last night at 2am when he wouldn't go back to sleep that I wanted to throw him out the window.  Instead of throwing him out the window I instead went in and woke up my poor wife and asked for her help, and she was very nice and gracious to me and didn't get mad at me for waking her up despite the fact that she has been working very hard at work and doesn't get enough sleep.  A couple of redundancies in that last sentence.  Sorry. 

I am in the midst of reading the new DFW biography.  It's OK.  He has, up to the point where I am in the book (which is right around the time when he's starting IJ), come off as a bit of an asshole and a pretty complete fuck-up.  Somebody that just had no idea about how to create a balanced, happiness-conducive life.  I'm interested to see whether this changes as he gets older, as it seems like later in his life he might have been more able to get his shit together.  Anyway, reading the bio makes me want to go back and re-read everything, especially the Girl With Curious Hair stuff that I haven't read in awhile. 

That is all for now.  You may go back to your desk now.