Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Whizzdom Teef

The Jeanners had her wisdom teeth taken out today.  She was doing ok for most of the day but then puked a bit as I was getting Sam ready for bed.  I think it was a particular medication that caused the puking, so I think I'm going to not give her that medication anymore.  But the pain meds that the dentist gave her seem to stay down OK, so I'll keep up with those.

Anyway, I stayed home from rehearsal tonight to look after J, and she's snoozing now so I've got an unexpected free evening in front of me.  Feeling a little bored, but also pretty tired because it was a pretty busy day -- looking after Sam, making sure Jeannie was ok, and fielding a bunch of work e-mails and appointments and such.  So I'm thinking it will be an early night.

Tomorrow, depending on the health of Jerns, I will try to head to work for a meeting in the early afternoon and I will spend a good chunk of the day working on a Hamlet set at home.  Sammyboy is at the sitter's for the day, which should make it a bit of an easier day.  Hopefully Jeannie is able to keep food down and keep pain meds down and isn't too bruised and swollen.

By the way, having something done to my wisdom teeth is like my scariest nightmare ever.

Fuck.  That.  Shit.

(pardon my language)