Friday, July 15, 2011


Feeling entirely unmotivated today. It's my day off, and so far this morning, I have farted around on the internet, made a tasty eggs-n-fauxsage-n-biscuits breakfast, and talked to my mom on the phone. Also, took a concrete paver (that I made!) outside and leveled it. Eventually the rain boxes (barrels) will live on it. I will soon head to home depot to buy concrete to make more pavers, but, again, feeling unmotivated.

Yesterday I had a training session at a swanky boardroom-type room in a swanky office building on the harbor downtown. Jeannie drove me down on her way into work yesterday morning, so I had a few hours to sit by the water and read and contemplate. It was a really beautiful morning. It's too bad I don't spend more mornings out and about, it would be nice to get up early and run or walk or something, but really, sleep is gonna win every time.

Then after work Jeannie and I headed over to the house of one of her coworkers for an end-of-the-Americorps-service-year soiree. A good excuse to drink beer and eat meat and get eaten by bugs.

And after the party we headed back downtownish to the Meyerhoff symphony hall for the k.d. lang concert. It was a pretty good show. We were surrounded by mostly bluehairs (it was at the symphony hall, after all), but the band sounded good (some really good pedal steel playing), and k.d. has a pretty unbelievable voice. Plus, it ws nice to see a show and arrive 10 minutes after the show started and still have good seats, and not have to stand around for 4-8 hours before the show. I did not stick around afterwards to meet k.d. (but probably only because Jeannie wouldn't let me).

Things I am contemplating doing:
1. bath
2. nap
3. trip to home depot.
4. playing Civilization III

Probably gonna do a 2 then 3.