Sunday, May 18, 2014

Drink Sangria in the Park

What a beautiful day it was today.  Kate the World Traveler and her new son, Micah, came over in the morning, and we ate a tasty breakfast (eggs, bacon, biscuits, juice) and walked up to Herring Run park so Sammers could play on the play ground and the grownups could chat in the sun and Micah could sleep and fart and gurgle and do what babies do.  

Then it was nap time for me and Sam, while Jeanners worked in the garden, then after we woke up we all worked outside for awhile.  Then dinner, bedtime for the dude, and I headed in to the building for an hour or so of salvaging some good quality plywood that the theatre seats were shipped in.  

It really felt like a good day.  

Jeanners and I have watched a couple of 80's movies this week -- Flashdance and Somewhere in Time.  She preferred Flashdance, I preferred SIT.  But we both agreed that both movies were pretty bad in their own special way.  But they made me nostalgic for the 80's.  I guess I'm just an analog man.  Or maybe an anal log man.  One of the two.  

This week is going to be about getting ready for the summer set build, which starts next week.  Also about coordinating the finishing touches of the theatre.  Making sure the data cablers finish their fucking job.  Trying to find a new 30' personnel lift for $8000.  Buying some TV mounting racks and maybe some TV's.  Stuff like that.  

But right now, it's time for LORDER!