Sunday, July 15, 2012

They're gonna have to dust your chin for groin prints.

Tonight was boring as hell at work, so I read a little bit from a lesser-known Kerouac book and thought about travelling.  I thought about one day in the future, maybe when Sam is 6 or 7, taking a trip up to Alaska and seeing Spifferoo and recording some songs.  I thought about taking another bus ride up to New York to see the Schluetermetz' show this fall (maybe a coupla times).  And I thought about a time on Spring Break during my senior year of college, when Sean and Misty and I were on some very windy, mountainous road in the Blue Ridge Mountains that had a posted sign that said 'avoid this road in icy weather' (or something to that effect), and we were driving around in ice and snow and fog in my little 4-cylinder Dodge Spirit.  I miss that car.  Gordon.  El Gordo.  And we thought we were going to die on that road.  And then eventually we got to this little town at the bottom of the mountain that was pretty and snowy.  And I still have a picture of that town in my head and I have no idea if it's a real picture or just a made-up memory. 

Tonightat work I decided that I was going to have a G&T in a ball jar when I got home.  I have a G&T out of a glass when I just want to unwind, out of a ball jar when I want to get silly. 

Anyway, I look forward to travelling with Sam.  Of course I'd eventually like to get to Europe, and part of me is glad that Jeannie and I haven't been yet, and now when we go we can take the boy with us. 

What's been going on?  What do I want to remember? 

Jeannie and I headed over to PFI last night to see Pride and Prejudice.  Took Sam with us.  It was a little tricky, because we had hoped to have him fed and asleep by the time the show started, but he was just finishing eating when the show started and it took most of the first act to get him to go to sleep.  So it wasn't as stressless and relaxing as we hoped the evening would be, but at least he wasn't making a lot of noise or fussing or anything. 

The recent house projects have involved putting up doors and door jambs.  We have to put up a door and jamb on the linen closet, and then all the doors will be up except for bedroom closets, which is pretty exciting.  And then once the doors are all up, we can start putting up trim and the house will start to look pretty again. 

Life is good.  That's all for now.