Thursday, April 25, 2013


Tonight at work I was told by my boss that, as of June 15th, the company would be eliminating my position company-wide.  This is a move that I've been expecting, but I didn't think it would happen quite this early.  I'm not really panicked, because the CSC job is waiting in the wings, however the timing of things could be a little tricky, depending on CSC's fundraising and construction schedule.  Although, actually, it's also possible that the timing could work out quite perfectly and I might end up getting a severance package that I wasn't expecting to get.  So we'll see.  I always try not to worry about things until I have to worry about them, so I'm gonna try and keep on the sunny side of this one. 

In other news, it is just about time for my little boy's first birthday.  Sam, please allow me to be the first to wish you a very happy birthday, and congratulate you on your many accomplishments during the past year.  Seriously, though, I can't imagine having a child that I like more than I like him.  I am a very lucky and a very grateful man. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Labor Day

I heard When in Rome's "The Promise" on the way home from work a little while ago and it made me think of Eric and Catherine. 

Also, I just caught a whiff of something that made me think of steak and now I want a steak. 

One year ago, right around this time of night, just as we were getting into bed, Jeannie started going into labor with Sam.  Wow!  Who would've known that he would be as awesome as he is.  Today he and I were running errands, and I would look back at him every now and again, and he would just be chillin' back there in his car seat, head turned to the side looking out of the window.   He's a fun kid. 

The wind seems to be picking up outside. Rain in our future?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Drugs Don't Work

I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in a long time.  And I took drugs (legal, prescribed) in order to do so.  When I got out of the dentist office I said to Jeannie that I didn't think that the drugs actually did anything, that they just made me stumble around a bit and that was it.  Today, however, as I look back on the events of yesterday I'm realizing that there are large chunks of the day that are missing and that there are times when I remember that I was talking about something but I have absolutely no idea what I was saying or doing.  I am fairly certain, though, that I didn't do or say anything that was inappropriate or embarrassing to anyone, and for this I am thankful. 

I think that the drugs were probably the equivalent of drinking about 5 or 6 of my homemade G&T's, but not nearly as fun as drinking 5 or 6 G&T's.  Much more boring. 

Time to watch some Paul and Jamie.  That's Mad About You for all the non-initiated out there. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Turd flinger

I accidentally dropped one of Sam's turds on the floor yesterday.  That's why I'm a turd flinger.  Luckily, it was pretty damned solid and only flattened a little bit, rather than splattering.  Splattering would have been bad.

I'm experimenting with a two-nap day today.  Lately, he's only been taking one nap a day, and it's been going pretty well -- he's been sleeping through the night for about 12 hours at a stretch.  But he's been sick with a little cold for the last few days, and he seemed really tired this morning, so I put him down at around 9:30 rather than his usual 11:30-ish slot.  He just went down a little while ago for nap #2, and hopefully we won't sleep very long and it won't screw up his nighttime.  We'll see.  Enough nap talk.

By Thursday evenings I'm usually tired of not getting to hang out with my ladyfriend very much, and I'm usually a little depressed.  Today seems to be no exception.  Work tonight could suck, although I have work to do to keep me busy, and also the manager that I think I'm working with tonight is one that turns a blind-eye to Wind-Up Bird Chronicle reading.  The book has gotten better, although it seems to be more of a simmering pot than a boiling cauldron.  Not that I prefer boiling cauldrons or anything.

Been trying to get our garden started lately.  Also, we put up a swing for Sam in the front yard.  I think he's going to love being outside this summer.  Also, if you stand him up in front of you, he will totter 1 or 2 steps to get into your arms.  I think he'll be walking very soon.  When he stands up on his own in front of me, it makes my heart beat a little faster and makes my breath feel short for a breath or two.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Candy Beans

The Jeanners and I have returned from a week-long trip to St. Louis that, in my opinion, was pretty great.  The highlights for me include (but are not limited to):  

1.  Meeting the family of Jeannie's long-lost cousin, as well as the relatively new husband of Jeannie's aunt. 
2.  Running into, entirely by chance, our old friend J. Sparks.  She was Jeannie's best friend growing up, and I dated her briefly in high school, and we haven't seen her in about 12-13 years.  
3.  Getting to hang out with Eric and Catherine, who were thankfully available without much notice, and who entertained us with their discussion of nocturnal foot-position. (mine stick out to the sides, by the way, like a very wide "V")

4.  Taking a solo day trip up to Kirksville to hang out with Ron and Randy and visit the past a little bit.  I was mildly surprised by the few things that have changed and greatly surprised by the many things that haven't.  But it was great to see Ron.  Also enjoyed the drive.  Through Columbia, Moberly, and Macon on the way up, and then back down through Edina and Hannibal on the way home.  Had some CD's of  Car Talk, This American Life, Prairie Home Companion, Taylor Swift (no joke), Tegan & Sara, and Trixie Whitley for the ride.    

5.  Getting to hang out with Uncle Rico, who was also thankfully available on short notice (I guess we like to spring things on people), and who I am sending positive refi vibes to.  And you should, too.

6.  Getting $850 worth of Southwest Airlines travel vouchers for agreeing to let them bump us off our flight and taking a later flight.  The nice thing is is that the later flight left only 20 minutes later and only added maybe an hour and a half to our travel day.   Which means we made $566.67 an hour.  Which is more than I make at the Nobes. 

During the trip, Sam had some exciting foods for the first time.  Ice cream, soda, cake, and probably others that I'm forgetting.  All given to him by grandparents.  He seems to be a lot older than he was just a couple of weeks ago.  Very curious, into everything, very close to walking, and his hair is growing curly in the back.  Lets listen to him laugh: