Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bring Out the Gimp

Samuel got his cast off last week.  He now walks with a fairly pronounced limp, like a WWII veteran or something.  It kinda breaks my heart a little bit.   But he's able to walk around, and can do stairs as long as he's holding on to a railing or a hand, and he's been enjoying his re-acquired freedom.  He got some new, light-up shoes yesterday, which is one of the things that he's always wished for.  He's also always wished for a toy trash boat (he sees the trash boat when we go to the harbor and the boat is driving around pulling trash out of the water).  I have looked, and I think that a toy trash boat doesn't exist, so I don't think he'll be getting that one.

Finishing up a long, crazy-houred week at work.  Hopefully next week will be less crazy.  But yesterday we discovered that the building next to ours is replacing a damaged transformer at exactly the time that our next show is opening, and that when they shut off the transformer is will cut power to our building.  So that's a bit of an issue that we need to solve before Friday.

Nothing else to report.  Tired mired.  Ready to join the Jeanners in bed.