Friday, October 12, 2012

Lose Weight Fast!

I'm currently on a little bit of a diet.  Here's what my daily intake has been for the last few days:

1.  1 Cup of cooked black beans, salted.  About 2 Tbs of salsa.  3 fried eggs.  All mashed up in a bowl.  About 550 calories.

2.  1 protein bar.  About 250 calories.

3.  One package of Trader Joe's pulled chicken in BBQ sauce.  420 calories. 

Plus a lot of water.  And 20-30 sit-ups every morning and night.  When I put on weight, it's all in my gut. 

Anyway, who knows if it's working yet.  But I feel like it's working.  My belly doesn't feel quite so pregnant-feeling. 

Things have been going well.  The dude continues to sleep through the night, although every now and again he yells and one of us has to get up and pop his pacifier back in his mouth until he falls back asleep.  But that is so much easier than having to get up and either feed him or try and rock him back to sleep or just hang out with him while he's wide awake in the middle of the night. 

The Jeanners and I are planning to head up to NYC for the day on the 21st to hang out with the Schluetermetz' while they are there for their play, which is getting some really great reviews.  I hope their ticket sales are doing well and that the whole project is a tremendous success.  It sounds like they've put beaucoup work into it, so I hope it all ends up being worth it. 

One time when I had to go to the bathroom I said to Sam, "Daddy's gotta take a shit."  Jeannie was there, too, and we all had a good laugh about it.  It's become one of my favorite things to say.  I'm really going to miss saying stuff like that when he learns how to talk. 

Oh, speaking of --  when Jeannie got home from work yesterday, Sam got real excited (he gets excited every time she gets home - it's very cute) and totally said "MAMA."  Jeannie and I did a take to each other and laughed, and then he said it again.  Then he started going "MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA," so we figured it was just a coincidence (plus, he's been doing it all day today and I've been the only one here), but still, it was pretty fun.