Saturday, September 08, 2012

Just Diarrhea

I think if I wrote a collection of short stories, it would be called Just Diarrhea.

Can you guess who my favorite song of the moment is by?  If you guessed Art Garfunkel, then you were right!  Seriously, though, it's on a new collection of his, and it's a pretty good song.  It's not like it's my favorite song of all time or anything, but I like it.  Plus, he says "fuck" in it.  You can listen to it here at NPR probably for a little while.  About halfway down the page.  It's called "Long Way Home."

I've been thinking lately about trying to do some recording.  I've got a few chord changes and melodies in my head that I'd like to try and flesh out to see if they could bcome something more or just die on the table.  I'm not sure, though, that setting up all the equipment and trying to carve out some time for recording is such a good idea, because it would be hard to record while Sam is awake, and hard to record while he is asleep, and it's not like the house is finished or anything.  So there's a lot going against it.  But who knows.  We'll see. 

The Jeanners and I got to see each other for longer than 15 minutes this morning, and it was pretty awesome.  Tomorrow we both have the day off together, which is even awesomer.

 (fart sound)

Today I took a nap in the back bedroom and it was fantastic.  If you're ever over at my house (and why wouldn't you be, really?), you should request to take a nap in the rear bedroom.  You'll probably have to remind me what you're talking about, cause I'll probably just assume you're talking about something dirty.

(fart sound)

I wonder if posts are funnier when, instead of just blank spaces in between paragraphs, there are fart sounds. Let's talk offline about it after the meeting.