Thursday, June 09, 2011

And I also enjoy...levitation.

It looks like it wants to rain outside. Please, please let it rain. It needs to cool the fuck off, the garden could use the water, and I noticed today that the grass is starting to brown. And I don't mind a nice brown lawn in late July or August, but June is just too early.

Ugh. It's been a bit of a crazy week. Sometimes I feel like I'm going a bit crazy, but I'm just at the very beginning part of it where it only seems like slight little changes that don't mean much. But then after a decade of tiny imperceptable changes you're completely batshit bonkers. "On Your Way to the Noble," I like to call it. (because the crazies like to hang out at the Noble.) Here is an example of a guy who is "on his way to the Noble":


I'm tired. Jeannie and I have been staying up past our bedtime (10PM) watching episodes of Mad Men's fourth season. It's really good. My favorite season so far.

I went for a run yesterday in the million-degree heat. I usually run down to Lake Montebello and around the lake and then home. And usually, during the summertime there are always a bunch of people walking or biking or running around the lake. Not yesterday. There were a couple of people on bikes but that was about it. I thought I was going to die a little bit. I only made it about 3/4 of the way around the lake and then I had to quit. I felt like I had stopped sweating, and my days of working at the power plant and learning all about heatstroke had taught me that that is a bad sign.

We're going to have some landscaping done. The dude might start next week. That would be pretty cool. Also, the house is just about ready to begin "Phase 1" of the insulation work. Also pretty cool. It will feel fantastic to get some of this deadlined work out of the way.

Yikes! The wind has kicked up and there is a nice little thunderstorm going on outside. Stupid wind.