Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Trouble Will Find Me

The Jeanners is up at the YMCA for a late-night gym session.  i was supposed to go outside and sand some trim tonight, but she convinced me not to.  Instead I have spent my evening reading old blog posts from 2009.  2009 was a good year for us, I think.  It was the year we bought the house and we got off our asses and started to move things forward a little bit.   Although if I knew then that the house still wouldn't be done in good ol' 2013 I probably would have shot myself in the head.

My blog posts were funnier in 2009, I think.  I think I'm getting progressively less funny with each passing year.  I think the "with each passing year" in that last sentence was redundant.  "Progressively" pretty much covers it.

I've been thinking about my life lately and how different it is now than how it used to be.  The main difference, I think, being having a kid.  I remember days when I used to not have anything to do.  And really, my days are still kind of like that except that there's a kid here who gets pissed if I look at the internet all day.  Oh, and he would also probably get sick and die because I wouldn't be feeding him and de-pooping him if I was looking at the Internet all day.  But anyway, he demands attention.   Much like every kid, I suppose.  And he's cute and funny and fun.  But some days I wish I could sit and write an e-mail without someone banging on the number pad.

Got an e-mail about a production  meeting for 'Dracula' next week.  I'm really looking forward to working on that show.  Outdoor, autumn, good people.  And getting paid!  All good things in my book.

I continue to binge on this album by The National.  It doesn't help that I've discovered that it's a good album to run and/or workout to.  Now I listen to it exercising, in the car, and at night.  Which is pretty much the major times of day that I listen to music.  During the day Sam and I listen to the mix of music that he likes, which consists of Iron & Wine, The Samples, Mavis Staples, The Band, Josh Rouse, Lord Huron, Daft Punk, U2, and Bonnie Raitt.

I miss my friends!  For awhile now it's felt kinda like Jeannie and I have been living in a vacuum.  Is everybody OK out there?