Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Busy Busy Elves are We, Making Presents Merrily

The title of this post is taken from a song that was performed during a Christmas musical at my grade school when I was in about 5th grade, a musical for which I played the xylophone and glockenspiel.  The song is what I now play for Samuel on his tiger-shaped xylophone that you play by pressing a key rather than hitting it with a mallet.  So it goes through my head a lot these days.  How come I can remember how to play a song that I learned in 5th grade but can't remember conversations that I have with Jeannie, conversations that she brings up during arguments and then I look like a jackass because I don't remember having had them?

Been busy this week.  We open a show next week, so I've been trying to get my schedule coordinated enough that I can get all the show stuff done and still stay on top of the building stuff.  And go to the rehearsals that I need to go to.  So I probably won't be home a lot for the next week or two.

Sam has gone into another 2 to 3 week phase of being cute.

I found out last night that there's going to be a concert in DC in April of Emmylou Harris and Daniel Lanois (et al) performing the Wrecking Ball album.  This is pretty much a dream concert for me.  Tickets go on sale this Friday, so I'm gonna try and get some damned good seats.  If Brian Blade was gonna be there (he played drums on some songs on Wrecking Ball, including 'Where Will I Be,' which is probably my favorite drum track on any song ever) I would totally be shitting my pants with excitement right now.  I haven't heard that he'll be included, though, so as it is I am only leaving small, excited skid marks in my boxer briefs. 

New U2 song out -- 'Invisible.'  I like it a lot.  I'd say it's the most promising U2 single I've heard in over a decade.  Makes me have hope that the upcoming Danger Mouse-produced album won't suck a donkey dick.  Which is exactly what a lot of their recent stuff does. 

That's all I've got right now.  I should nap while the boy naps.