Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Magooby's Knuckle Masks

Saturday night, as a little pre-mothersday activity, and thanks to the generosity of my co-worker Abbey who last-minutely agreed to come over and babbysit, Jeannie and I went to Magooby's Joke House (worst name for a comedy club ever?  Or best?) to see Paul Reiser, aka Paul of Paul and Jamie (aka Mad About You, aka Jerns' favs TV shows).  It was weird (cause he's basically the same wacky, nice dude that he was in the 90's but in an older man's body), and funny, and we enjoyed it.  We were, however, definitely on the younger end of the age spectrum of people in the room. 

The board of ChesShakes has voted to go ahead and start construction, which means that I am now 98-99% sure that I will have a job come September, which is pretty darned good. 

Today I am off work, and have numerous errands to run with toddler in tow ( I think he's maybe a toddler now -- he definitely toddles...).  Grocery stores of all varieties except health and halal, liquor store, who knows where else.  He is currently hanging out in his playpen cooing to himself. 

I had a dream the other night that featured knuckle masks, a concept that, I'm pretty sure, nobody has ever thought of before. 

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