Monday, May 20, 2013

18 days

18 days left of working at the Nobes.  Weird, weird feeling.  I have worked at the Nobes pretty much the entire time I've been in Baltimore, minus a month at the beginning.  Another weird thing is that I'm feeling tremendously excited to start working for ChesShakes.  Like, so excited that I'm not really even thinking very much about the delicious, paid, two-and-a-half months where I don't have to work at all, I'm just thinking about when those delicious, paid, two-and-a-half months are over and I get to dive into this unknown job for which I am probably totally unprepared and unqualified, but which I get the chance to do anyway.  Some things that frighten me about the job:

1.  The skills that Lesley and Ian think I have (designing, building, organizing, etc) are actually skills possessed by my wife and not by me.  My guess is that there is probably some truth to this fear, but not as much truth as my head is currently assigning to it.

2.  The fact that I've never really had a job that required me to put a lot of myself into it.  I've always been happy working not-very-hard jobs for not-very-much money.  And then going home and focusing on the stuff that I really enjoy, i.e.,  LIFE OUTSIDE OF WORK.  And this job has the potential to be a job that I will actually enjoy, and WANT to put a lot of myself into, and WANT to put a lot of time and effort into.  Which I think could have the potential to be tough for the Jeanners, and maybe tough for Sam, and maybe tough on me.  Because none of us are used to having to share/split my attention or interest.  So there might be a period of adjustments at the beginning, and figuring out how everything needs to work in order for everybody to be happy.

3.  This third one is both the biggest fear in my head right now and kind of the easiest one to think away:  I WILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING.  AND IT WILL BECOME EMBARRASSINGLY CLEAR RELATIVELY QUICKLY.

Enough about jobs right now.

After a brief attempt at another re-read of Infinite Jest,  I have decided that I might be done re-reading it for awhile.  I was kind of missing the language and mood of Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, so I decided to pick up another Murakami book at work and started 1Q84.  So far I have found it to be more engaging than W-UBC and have been really enjoying it.  I worked all weekend (and tonight), and ended up getting over 250 pages of it read.

Was there anything else I've been wanting to write about?  Probably, but I know some of it is work-related so I'll save it for another day....

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