Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Mr. Wind-Up Bird

Just finished The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.  Weird book.  But I liked it.  And strangely enough, it seemed to fit perfectly with all the stuff that's been happening in my life recently.  It's a book that feels a lot like a David Lynch movie, with shifting identities and seemingly random pieces and stories running through it.  And at the moment, being a relatively new parent who's about to end a 10+ year job and start a new one, I feel like I'm going through a somewhat major identity shift -- I think when I'm old and look back on this time I will mark it as the beginning of my adulthood.  Is that good or bad?  Probably bad!  Ha Ha.  Who knows.  Probably neither.

Oh, I should mention that I spoke to Lesley the other day and we set a starting date for me at ChesShakes for the beginning of September.  Which means I will be leaving B&N on June 15th, taking the severance package and getting paid through the end of August, and then starting the new job in September.  So really, it all is working out pretty perfectly, or at least it seems to be at this point.  Tomorrow I'll probably find out that the ChesShakes building has burned down or that B&N has yanked away the severance offer or something like that.

The lil' dude was a bit annoying this afternoon, but in his defense he was sick with a fever and highly snotty and, by all appearances and signs, just not feeling very well.  But I was very happy when Jeannie got home from work and was able to take over and I could go in the other room and fold laundry and not listen to him whine.  Luckily, days like this a few and far between.  I guess that's why humans have lasted this long.

It is very very weird to me to think that I won't be working at B&N in just a little over a month.  I feel a lot like a passenger on the Titanic who has just been very politely offered a lifeboat.

I kinda feel like Wind-Up Bird has gotten me in the right headspace to re-read Infinite Jest.

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Katie said...

Oh my. No more B and N!!! So very very excited for you:)