Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Squat 'er on the Water

It's been a long time since I last wrote. Things have been a bit busy around here. I find that bullet points are handy for bringing everything up to speed:

* A friend of the Jeanners' from college passed away on Sunday from breast cancer. A terrible, terrible tragedy. She was our age, 33-ish, with two small daughters. The Jeanners is (understandably) pretty bummed and flying to St. Louis tonight after work for the funeral tomorrow.

* House work is on hold for two weeks because I'm currently working on the set for the CSC show at Goucher College (which is tomorrow), and then next week the Jeanners is out-of-town at a training/conference thingie in either Alabama, Arkansas, or Georgia. I don't think it's Georgia, though. Anyway, between her unexpected trip to St. Louis and the work trip, she'll be gone almost a week and a half. Sucky. However, I will be busy while she's gone because I have agreed to half-design/build a set for my friend Tami's middle-school production of 'A Raisin in the Sun.' Should be relatively easy, but time-consuming nonetheless.

* Then we go to Ohio, then Thanksgiving, then work gets busy, and then there's another CSC show at a high school somewheres.

* I've been able to build the set for CSC at home. It's been really nice having somewhere to build and not be working outside or on a parking lot somewhere.

* I have finished with the stripping/sanding of the doors for our future bedroom. I'm tired of doors, and I'm gonna take a little break before starting on the doors for the other bedrooms and the linen closet. The last door was a real pain to work on. The paint DID NOT want to come off. At one point I actually said to the paint "The power of Christ compels you to come off this door!" It did not seem to help. The only thing that did seem to help was using about 20 sanding discs and just sanding the hell out of it.

* I am hungry. I should probably have some dinner.

* Almost done with Infinite Jest. About 150 pages to go. So good. Next up: The Corrections.

* Been working on music at night when I get the chance. Pretty abysmal results.

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