Monday, November 08, 2010

Don't Bring Home Herpes

Well, the J-Dog was home for one day, and now she is back out of town, this time in Talladega, Alabama. She'll be gone till Friday. For work. So she says. I say it smells like a big sweaty man affair to me.

It was good to see her while she was here, though. It's really quite boring and depressing being home without her. On Friday and Saturday I watched all three Back to the Future movies. BTTF #2 did not hold up as well as I remembered, even though the second half was much better than the first half. Still, though, I always judge how bad the world is getting by how much things look like the bizarro 1985 where everything was seedy and casino-like and gangs of bikers ravaged the city and set everything on fire. Sometimes the world seems a lot like that and sometimes not as much.

At the moment there are three shitty, five-dollar doors sitting in the living room that are waiting to be put into some flats that haven't been built yet. For my friend Tami's show. Tomorrow I meet with her after work to figure out exactly how the set should work. Then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I'll build shit.

I should really go to bed, as I have to get up early tomorrow. But I'm not tired. I will regret this tomorrow.

Oh-so-close to being done with IJ. Probably less than 30 pages. I think I'm going to read the original "scroll version" of 'On the Road' next. Then "The Corrections".

That's about it for now, I guess. Looking forward to this week being over...

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Mustard said...

Me too, love. Me too.