Friday, October 22, 2010

Solo Banjo

Sheesh, it's nine-thirty already. And here I was gonna get an early start to the day. I just finished a tasty day-off breakfast of eggs, fauxsage (I just coined that expression, perhaps? Must google it now), biscuits, and juice. I have been very motivated and hard-working lately, and I hope that today will continue that trend. The Jeanners and I started drywalling in the bedroom (oo la la!) last weekend, and today I would like to drywall the linen closet. I have not done any solo drywalling before, though, so I hope it works out OK. I picked the linen closet because I figured that the drywall pieces would be small enough for me to maneuver them by myself. We shall see.

Apparently, I did not coin fauxsage. Balls.

Things I have realized lately:

1. I've been spending a lot of time alone. I enjoy spending time alone.

2. Really loud music makes nearly everything better. Work ceases to be work when you are listening to really loud music.

Last night Jerns and I went on a really nice long walk. Talked about all sorts of shit.

Karista bought a horse.

The remount of Hamlet at Goucher College is approaching rapidly, and I have done no prep for it. Must find out what Ian wants for a set. And then build it.

It was 56 degrees when I woke up this morning. Inside.

We're going to Ohio around Thanksgiving this year. Can't freakin' wait. It's been a long time since we've seen our friends Ye Olde Schluetermetz,' and the time has come for some reacquaintancing. Mashers, G&T's, Bowls of Meat, Trash Talk, Spades/Phase 10, here we come!

Alright. Procrastination over. To the linen closet with me!

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