Monday, November 15, 2010


Junip is a new band/cd from Jose Gonzalez. It's pretty good.

I have been sick for the last few days. Nothing bad enough to keep me from going to work or anything, just a little cold. I think that I tend to get sick when I've inhaled too much sawdust, as I most likely did while I was working on Tami's set last week. Still, everything got built, and on Friday I headed over to her school and set everything up. Everything came together nicely and worked well. Still, it was a lot more work than I had expected. We had a meeting on Tuesday to figure out what everything should look like, I built it all on Wednesday after work and Thursday, and then on Friday loaded it in. A lot of work in a couple of days.

Saturday was the anniversary of me and J-Dog being hitched. Jeannie didn't want to hang out with me. Sad face.

However, on this Friday we will be heading out to Frederick, MD for a tasty meal, a concert with Emmylou Harris, and a romantic one-night stay at a Holiday Inn. Cue the Barry White.

Then next week we head to Ohio, about which I am exceeding pumped. Don't even get me started about how pumped I am.

Noodle soup is probably starting to get cold there on the stove.

This GoodEarth 'original' flavored tea is pretty damned good, but Jeez, don't try and brew a second cup off of the first bag. Weak ass. It must shoot it's tea-load in the first cup.

Big Spiff Chambers sent me a message the other day about mixing some songs that he might record up there in Alaska. Sounds like a pretty fun project. I like working on long-distance projects. I also like the fun of mixing songs without the pressure or work of writing or recording them.

Today I had a meeting at work at 7 this morning, then I go back this evening at 5pm to work a short shift. I have spent the 8 or so hours in between attempting to sleep.

Tonight after my short shift I will be stopping by a 30th birthday party for my co-worker and friend, Abbey. When I die, Abbey will be the one who takes over the music department and leads it into the 22nd century. Or maybe the 23rd. I'm banking on higher life expectancies by then. I'll need the extra time to finish working on the house.

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