Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Twice the Phlegm

Well, the J-Dog is now officially sick as well. I think that my illness is in the last quarter of its life, but I fear that hers is just beginning its upswing into serious drainage territory.

I have the day off today. It's my first day off in a few weeks that I haven't had to work on CSC set stuff or Tami set stuff. In fact, it's the first day off in a long time that I really have nothing on my plate. It's like a day off like in the olden days. Here's the lowdown of the day so far: woke up, took a bath and read some On the Road Original Scroll (not too crazily different than the final published version, but the parts that are different I like better), called my mom, did the dishes. I am now listening to tunes and eating eggs, toast, fauxsage and juice. Mental note: we are now out of eggs, fauxsage, bread and juice.

I would like to propose that if you don't like the song 'Train in Vain,' by The Clash, then there is something wrong with you. Perhaps something deep and dark that goes all the way back to childhood.

Still on the agenda for today: run the bathroom wiring into the basement. Maybe some drywalling, although this whole 'sittin' around doing nothing' is feeling so nice that I might say fuck the drywalling.

Now playing: David Bowie's 'Life on Mars'. I came to this song late but it's pretty damned good.


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