Thursday, October 14, 2010

"...As lucky as lucky could be..."

Do you like looking up chimneys? Then you are sure to enjoy this post:

I like the last one the best because 1) it was taken on a rainy day (today), and there's not as much water coming down the chimney as in the 2nd one, which was taken on a rainy day a week or so ago, before I did some work on the chimney; and 2) there's a cricket hiding somewhere in the picture. The first person who finds it gets a gold star and a bucket full of chimney water.

The Jeanners is not home tonight, and won't be home til late, which means I am left to my own devices. How I do I spend an evening alone? Eating burritos and Guinness and listening to music really loud, apparently. I am considering working on some tunes tonight, although not feling very inspired. At some point, I should swing by the bank and deposit some checks into senor ATM. "Senor" is supposed to be spanish and should have a tilde (~) over the 'N', but I can't figure out how to do that.

Is today Wednesday or Thursday? Whatever day it is, it's my dad's birthday. Thanks to my brother for calling me on the phone and reminding me because I had straight up forgot. It's because I've had nothing on the brain lately but housework and training a douchebag from another store at work. The guy wasn't really a douchebag, but anybody who makes me step outside my daily routine at work gets slapped with a fun new nickname. Anyway, sorry I forgot your birthday, Pop. I love you! If you're reading this, congrats on your advanced navigation of the Internet!

The house is quiet, and most of the lights are off, except for two little lamps on either side of the bed (which is unfortunately still in the dining room so I can see them from where I'm sitting in the living room), and I think the lighting is probably best described as 'soft.' It's probably not the best for the ol' eyeballs, but I've always preferred a good, dim, softly lit room to a bright one. A Brian Eno song just came on, and I turned the receiver up from 17 to 21. I am considering going downstairs to trim my moustache so it stops hanging over my lips. Also need to take laundry out of the dryer and put it away.

A month or so ago I bought an amber LED bulb to put in our front-door light so that it wouldn't attract bugs. During the summer, whenever I would leave for work in the morning and the old porch light was still on I'd have to walk through a swarm of franticly wheeling and diving moths.

I really should go by the bank.

The first chimney pic, by the way, was taken on a dry day, and it's my control picture. When the rainy day pics look like that one, then I'll be happy.

Seriously, have you found Goldbug yet?

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PKP said...

I found him! He's on the right side of the picture just below where there seems to be a separation in the concrete. Do you think you can FedEx chimney water?