Monday, September 13, 2010

Wizard is about to die.

The title of this post is a reference to the 1980's video game 'GAUNTLET.' Check it out.

My parents were here this past weekend. It was going along fine until yesterday. We did some stuff around the house, we took a day trip to Gettysburg, we played some cards, ate some meals, etc. And pretty much most of the weekend my mom was making little "suggestions" of things we (Jeannie and I) could do around the house, or things that we could do to take better care of our possessions. After smiling and nodding or lightly telling her that we wouldn't be heeding her suggestions through most of the weekend, yesterday I had about as much as I could take and I really blew up at her. I don't blow up well. I'm not really a blow-up type of guy. I usually hold stuff in pretty well and it takes about 10-18 years before it builds up enough to where I blow up. So anyway, I blubbered and yelled awhile. Then a large tree branch fell outside in the street so Jeannie and I my dad and I went and cut it up. Then my mom and dad went to dinner. Then we all played cards. Then they left this morning. I've never been so relieved to have them leave before. I'm usually ready to get back to regular life by the end of their visits, but this time I was, like, do-a-little-dance happy to see them (her) leave. I feel bad for my dad who it seemed understood where I was coming from and why I blew up and who was generally helpful and fun to be around all weekend. Anyway, that's been occupying my headspace all day and it probably will for awhile. They're continuing their trip down to North Carolina and get back to St. Louis on Friday.

I went to the doctor for a physical today for the first time in a very long time. It was very fast. After all the paperwork and vital-signs-taking was done, she came in, looked in my eyes, looked down my throat, whacked my knees, listened to my breathing, listened to my heart, felt my tummy, felt my throat, rummaged around my junk, and I was out the door. At one point, she told me I have a beautiful body.

We have lots of tree rubble in our yard, to be chopped up and bundled. It's probably how I will be spending my afternoons. I went out this evening to do a little bundling, but the mosquitoes were out in full force. I will be glad as the weather gets colder and the mosquitoes go away.

One sentence in this post is a lie. Can you spot it?


PKP said...

I think the lie is the "beautiful body" part. Not that I don't think you have a beautiful body, but it would be very unprofessional of a doctor to tell you so.

Also, Teresa's mother has been visiting for three weeks to help with the new baby. She's had the person who needs tons of rest (Teresa) running all over the house and rearranging things how she thinks they should be arranged. Teresa is close to blow-up. We feel your pain.

Also, the word verification for this comment is "cackof."

JK said...

She was thinking it even if she didn't say it.