Saturday, September 04, 2010

Biker's Ass

It's been awhile since I've signed in to write in the ol' blog and had nothing to write about. I guess lately I've been waiting until something interesting happens before I would sit down to write. Not that you could tell. But not tonight. I just got home from work, and people were a bit crazy at the ol' Nobes tonight. Large crowds of loud, unruly teens. Damn kids. Damn back to school time, when the weather's still nice enough that teens roam and terrorize on a Friday night. Although it's Saturday night. Nonetheless, you get the picture.

This week, I got my bike out of the basement and got it back in working condition. After the great Weight Loss Extravaganza of 2008, my bike sat outside for a year and a half and got rained, iced, and snowed on. And probably peed on by some of the drunks in Charles Village, who knows. So since we moved into the house, I've had it down in the basement, but the other day I got it out, dusted it off, put some air in the tires and lubed up Mr. Chain, and took it out for a spin. I was attempting to find a good route from our place to my place of employment, and I was relatively unsuccessful. I mean, I eventually made it to work, but it took like an hour and a half, and the way I took was full of long, gradual hills, and it just generally sucked. And then on the way home I got a flat tire, so I ended up having to walk my bike the last 2 miles or so. So although it sucked, it did conjure a little bit of bike fever back in me, and I have ordered new tires and tubes on the internet, and I think I have found a better route. So be on the lookout for a pale, sweaty, slow biker in a neighborhood near you. Soon. By the way, my bike is a Huffy.

The weather here was beautiful today. We were supposed to get some rain from hurricane earl, but all we got was a bit of wind last night and this morning. But seriously - sunny, cool, and low humidity with a nice big breeze. Sat out on the porch with the Jeanners before work today and boy, did it make me want to not go to work.

The parents are arriving in T-minus 5 days.

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