Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Northwest Passage

Took the ol' bike out for a spin after work today, and I think I've found a decent route to work that's not too terribly hilly and not too long. It took me about an hour to get there and an hour to get home. So perhaps I shall start biking to work again in the near future. Getting a two-hour workout in under the disguise of transportation is a pretty decent thing, I think.

I got me some new glasses last night, as my old glasses had broken and were being held together by superglue, or, as the brand we bought was called, "future glue." My old glasses also had lenses that had yellowed and were so scratched and generally fucked that the world that I saw through them had ceased to resemble what the real world in front of my face actually looked like. Plus, as I mentioned before, they finally broke. So I got new glasses. And the place where I bought them was having a "Buy One Pair, Get a Second Pair Free" sale (what we at the B&N call a BOGO), so I also now own a pair of prescription sunglasses. I picked out a pair of frames for the sunglasses that I hoped would make me look like Ray Charles, but I'm not quite sure I've achieved the look. I did, however, while wearing the sunglasses, make Jeannie lead me out of the mall as though I was blind. She sucked at it. She let me walk into trashcans in the middle of the mall thoroughfare and all sorts of shit. I hope I never actually go blind. So anyway, if the next time you see me I seem somehow cooler and you can't quite put your finger on what might be causing the surge of additional coolness, it's probably the prescription sunglasses that I'm wearing.

The doctor that gave me my physical called the other day and left a message with the results of my bloodwork. She said my cholesterol looks 'terrific' but that I'm low in Vitamin D. Fuck her.

My mouth tastes terrible.

I'm about halfway into Infinite Jest. Boy, it's good. I'm nearing the part where it all starts to just roll downhill.

The Jeanners and I have both been feeling an autumnal burst of home-improvement motivation. I think we're gonna get some good shit done in the next month or two. Getting geared up for a semi-major roof/chimney repair and waiting for some electrical-planning advice from my super good electrical engineer and all-around smart guy brother-in-law, Tom.

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PKP said...

From my memory of Infinite Jest, it was all downhill after the first sentence.