Friday, September 24, 2010


My project for the week has been stripping paint off of window trim that we will then put back up on newly-drywalled (once we drywall them) walls and repaint. It has led to me posting numerous "stripping" and "stripper" puns in my Facebook status. I actually had to stop myself from doing it again and am making myself write this post instead. The world only needs so many stripper puns before you become "that guy." It's actually a job that I don't mind too much. I'm down in the basement, and I've got the mp3 player fired up, and I've got a little system going, and the stripper smells nicely like orange sherbet while it slowly kills my remaining brain cells. And it's giving me a nice sense of accomplishment for the week, like the hours that fall between the time I get home from work and the time Jeannie gets home from work haven't completely gotten squandered on baths, tangrams, the internet, and Infinite Jest. Got about 80 or so pages read at work today, by the way.

Last night I headed to an open rehearsal for TITUS. Just to see how it's coming along, and because usually I enjoy watching a mid-to-late rehearsal more than a final performance. Things usually seem a lot less fake. To me. Anyway, I'd never read the play, so I was seeing it with virgin eyes, and while I'd say that the play as a whole is not one of Shakespeare's most, uh, sublime works, there's definitely a few speeches in there that are pretty beautiful. And the gory blood-type special effects that folks have been working on look like they'll be pretty amazing, especially in such close quarters.

What else?

I might try and convince the Jeanners to go out for some greek food for din-din.

I have come close to pooping in my pants/shorts several times during the last week.

Jerry Orbach's Cousin came into the store the other day. He made sure that Jerry Orbach (and the fact that he was Jerry Orbach's Cousin) casually came up in the conversation, as he always does.

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