Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Electric Avenue

After a weekend of having big plans but not actually getting much done, the Jeanners and I finally were able to get crackin' on some housework yesterday afternoon. We were able to run a good portion of the new wiring in our future bedroom.

One step closer to putting up drywall. We've still got a bit more wire to run (lights, ceiling fan) and then we can start drywalling. Woo-Hoo! This week, I'll be doing more stripping after work, so that once we've got everything drywalled we can move right into putting up trim and doors and stuff.

Last night I came up with a new nickname for the J-Dog: Jerns. It doesn't mean anything, but I like the way it sounds. So now I have to spend the next few days calling her Jerns all the time so that it sticks.

We've been catching mice by the hatful lately. Not literally in a hat, it's just an expression. Ok, maybe it's not an expression but it is now. Anyway, you know what I mean. The other day we caught two baby mice in the same spring-activated-swift-metal-bar-snaps-down type trap, the logistics of which I'm still having trouble figuring out. Did they both happen upon the trap at the exact same time? Was one mouse playing a practical joke that went horribly awry? We'll never know. Anyway, I feel more than a tinge of guilt when dumping dead mice into the trash. I really don't like killing things. Jerns has even gotten me to the point where I don't step on crickets anymore (there's been numerous crickets in the house, too, by the way - annoying as fuck) but rather scoop them up an take them outside. I do, though, still enjoy killing mosquitoes because I HATE MOSQUITOES. Mainly because mosquitoes seem to love me. I HATE MOSQUITOES.

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