Friday, October 01, 2010

My right foot is asleep.

The Jeanners is working late tonight, a result of Jimmy Carter's expected visit to her place of employment next Tuesday. Damn you, Jimmy Carter! As a result, I've had the evening all to my lonesome, and I have spent it eating cheeseritos (just cheese), drinking Blue Moon, and reading old e-mails from 2002. Reading the e-mails made me nostalgic for the days when I used to send and receive e-mails from folks that I cared about, but then I remembered that one reason that I started writing this blog was that I was tired of writing the same e-mail to like 5 or 6 different people, filling in everybody on what's been going on. So I guess I shouldn't be nostalgic, although the blog is definitely much more of a one-way street, not as much feedback coming back (except PKP telling me that he didn't like Infinite Jest -- YOU FOOL!).

Another thing I noticed from reading those e-mails was that recording songs was a really big part of my life then. Definitely less so now, but I've still been tinkering around every now and again. I guess the difference now is that the stuff I tinker around on these days rarely develops into anything listenable.

I had the day off work today, and it was a pretty productive day -- got up around 8:30, went to the Home Depot, hit the gym, hit the grocery store, came home and caulked the top of our chimney (we had some water coming down the chimney during the last day or two of torrential downpours), went back to the Home Depot, swapped out some electrical boxes that weren't going to work, and then stripped one side of a door. I think I've gotten a lot better at stripping. The process hasn't been nearly as painful as it was last winter when we were stripping the bathroom trim and door.

Read on the internet a rumor that U2 might be playing Baltimore in June. I'm a sucker, and I'll probably end up going, and I'll probably end up standing in line for a very long time and getting a very good spot in the crowd. I am a sucker.

I am missing Jerns. She has been working a lot lately, and working very hard, and she's been ill. Still though, when we get to hang out it's been nice and fun, and last night before we went to bed we had a little sing-a-long, and I was strumming the guitar and laying in bed and we were singing.

My mom's birthday is either tomorrow or Sunday. I can never remember which. Either way, the card's been mailed and my rear is pleasantly covered.

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