Friday, May 14, 2010

Super 8

We are in a room at the Super 8 Motel somewhere just west of Wheeling, West Virginia. It smells vaguely of cigarettes, disinfectant, and my farts. It's a decent enough room, but a little too close to the sounds of the parking lot and Highway 70. We've stayed here before, but neither of us remember when.

A nice, easy drive tonight, hopefully tomorrow will be more of the same. It's been awhile since the J-Dog and I have been on a road trip - I think the last few trips we've taken have been by plane. It feels good to be driving, I've always felt very comfortable on the road, especially on a long trip (although I like driving in Baltimore much less than I like driving around St. Louis) and the Jeanners and I usually do pretty well together on long drives. Although there have been a few where one or both of us gets pissy for some reason and then it's pretty awful.

It seems strange to me that the words 'awful' and 'awesome' mean the exact opposite of each other.

Should I wake up early tomorrow and go to the Denny's next door for breakfast before the Jeanners wakes up? (she's already refused to go with me). I think I might - I bet I could get some country-fried steak and eggs with biscuits and gravy. Holy Jeez that would be awesome.

Well, now I gotta go to bed so I can wake up early tomorrow.

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