Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eat My Fat ______.

We are home from our lovely St. Louis vacation. The quick and dirrrty rundown:

Saturday: Leave the Super 8 in St. Clairsville, OH. Arrive in St. Louis around 5 in the evening. Hang out at Jeannie's folks' house. Have dinner.

Sunday: Hang out at my parents' house.

Monday: School with Jeannie's dad. Lessons learned: tool sharpening, drill bit sharpening. Monday night: dinner at Olympia with Gena and Robin. A great meal and great company.

Tuesday: Head down to my family's clubhouse, Mossy Springs, on the Gasconade River. I'm not sure if I've ever written about Mossy before, but it's a cabin that my great grandfather and and some of his friends built in 1903. Been passed down among the families ever since. It's a very unique and wonderful place.

Wednesday: Another day down at Mossy. Returned in the afternoon and played cards and drank wine with Jeannie's mom and Grandma. Her grandma is a wicked trash-talker and I really enjoy playing cards with her.

Thursday: A slow morning, and then a surprise phone call from the J. Knese, who was working from home that day. He invited us out to lunch, and we ate at a wonderful little place called the Everest Cafe, a place where the J-Dog and I had never eaten. I whole-heartedly endorse their lunch buffet. I also whole-heartedly endorse J. Knese.

Dinner with R. Riley at the Big Bear Grill. The Jeanners had never seen his relatively new place, so we had a nice time shooting the breeze before and after dinner. I also enjoyed two different manifestations of potato at dinner and a couple of super-tasty cream sodas back at Chez Riley.

Friday: breakfast with Jeannie's grandma, then lunch with her friend Shannon and her new baby boy, then dinner at my sister's house. My entire family (19 in all) ended up going down to my sister's, and we ate most of 9 Imo's pizzas. It was entirely too hectic, and a little annoying, and it made me ready to leave St. Louis.

Saturday: School with Jeannie's dad. Lessons learned: sweating copper pipe. He also gave us some tools and some lengths of wire. Then in the early afternoon we left St. Louis. Highlight of the day: finding a Chipotle in Richmond, Indiana. In other words, the middle of nowhere.

Sunday: leave the Super 8 in Cambridge, Ohio (I liked it better than the one in St. Clairsville). Drive to Baltimore. Unpack. The Jeanners does some garden work, I clean up the house a little bit. Watch last Tuesday's LOST (the series finale is tonight, although I won't get to watch it til tomorrow).

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Little Messy Missy said...

I am tired just reading...

PKP said...

You always give me the quick and dirrrty

Schluetermetz said...

soon soon soon you won't have to stay in super8s in ohio, because you can stay with US!