Sunday, May 09, 2010

Forever Young

Tomorrow: Bono's birthday, my brother-in-law Tom's birthday, and the 5 year anniversary of this-here blog. Mozel tov!

Yesterday the Jeanners and I worked on putting some framing up for our future bedroom closet. We then headed down to the DC area to have dinner with PKP and birthday girl T-Pain. PKP makes a tasty black bean burger, fer sure. Had a good time lounging around and chatting, playing with Dr. Finn, who is walking around like a little monkey. We then headed in to the 9:30 Club to see Josh Ritter, who decided to play an evil trick on old folks like us by not taking the stage until 10:30-ish. So it ended up being a late night. But it was a good show, and Josh Ritter seems like A) he took a fistful of happy jumpy pills before the show, or (and more likely) B) he's just a super nice, happy, aw-shucks type midwestern type dude. The 9:30 Club is the type of dark, phosphorescently lit place that I haven't been to in a long time, the type of place that when you're young makes you feel very young and hip and alive, but apparently when you're old makes you feel very old and quiet and tired. I have to say that although higher-caliber bands seem to play the 9:30 Club, I much preferred the atmosphere at the Black Cat a few weeks ago when I went to see Midlake. I wonder what the next concert will be? I've been very happy with the shows I've seen this year. Here's to live music that don't suck!

One more week of work before we head off to St. Louis. Should we plant our vegetables before we go? Will we be able to finish the framing in the closet before we leave? I'm predicting yes and no, respectively.

Quotes of the day:

"Personally, I think I would have an easier time killing a bunny than a monkey."


"Why are you massaging that bird's anus with a Q-Tip?"

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Brian said...

Wye Oak and Lands and Peoples. It is next friday at the Ottobar. I don't even know if I am going.