Friday, May 28, 2010

I do not take requests...

..but for you, A-Train, anything.

My thoughts on the LOST finale (I am surprised that I forgot to write about it yesterday): I was satisfied. Didn't think it was perfect, didn't think it was terrible. I thought it was a little on the cheesy side but that didn't disappoint me too much. I think, as a whole, the show is a nice, for the most part well-told story that peaked in season 2 but still had some really great moments throughout. I think that they kinda wrote themselves into a corner, leaving way too much story to try to tell in the last season, trying to cram in all the mythology stuff and the stories of the main characters, so a lot of it feels more rushed than the first couple of seasons.

But anyway, I thought it was pretty good, and a decent end to the show.

A lot of times I feel a little guilty about watching LOST, but I think Terry O'Quinn's performance as Locke, from start to finish, is what got me hooked and kept me watching. And, especially during seasons 2 and 3, Michael Emerson's performance as Ben Linus.

What'd you think, A-Train? (We should probably get this discussion out of the way online so that when we actually hang out we don't bore BJ and the Jeanners).

Another thing I forgot to write about: on Monday we had this dude come out and do a bit of a modified energy audit on our house. Basically, we wanted him to come out and tell us, if we're going to spend money insulating and air-sealing the house, what are the best, most cost-efficient things to do first and how should we go about doing them. Very helpful. A super-knowledgeable guy with a lot of good ideas, I probably got more out of it than I did out of our initial home inspection when we were buying the thing.

Alright, I think I have written about everything I forgot to write about.

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Aimee said...

I actually really liked the last episode. And I was very worried that if I didn't get answers to all of the mythology stuff that I would feel like I wasted my time on the show. But I felt very satisfied. I felt like they really brought closure to the characters and their journey's ended up being more interesting to me than why Walt was special. I liked it!