Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

It's been a pretty good week so far. The Jeanners and I got some decent work done on Sunday, hanging the bathroom mirror that we got from her grandma, framing up the bedroom closet ceiling, and testing our downspouts (which go right into the ground) to see where they discharge all the water. The results of that last one are still inconclusive, although it looked like they don't empty into the sump wells (as we had previously suspected) and they're not leaking into the basement, either. Nor are they piped underground to the street.

Also had lunch with the Beej last week, which I see I already wrote about so I will not waste your time by re-writing about it. If you have forgotten and/or are interested in re-reading about it, please feel free to re-read the post from Thursday, May 27th. You could also check out August 6th, 2009. Or June 8th, 2006. Because 2006 was such an awesome year, you might wanna check out May 11th, 2006. But then delve deeper and re-read August 15th, 2005. And if you want to go back all the way to the beginning, you'd have to see what happened on June 3rd, 2005. Thus reads the tale of lunch with BJ at the Rec Room.

Yesterday after work I headed out to the PFI to help build the set for the summer shows (Hamlet and Much Ado..., tickets on sale now) and it was hot and a lot of heavy lifting but a lot of fun, too. PKP and BJ were there working, and it's always fun to watch the Beej sweat. Stayed there till around 9pm and then headed home for a quick shower and then back up to the Rec Room for a going away party for Beth at the B&N. It was a good time, I spent most of the time chatting with Abbey and Carl, who I decided is a cross between Brian Eno and Corky St. Clair. This morning I stand by that decision. Anyway, it was fun. Ate nachos, stayed longer than I planned, etc. etc.

The other night out of the blue I decided to call Bosco, although it wasn't entirely out of the blue because I had had a dream a week or two ago (which I don't remember) where he showed up, and I've been thinking of calling him for awhile. Cause it's been at least a year since we'd talked, and it's been almost 6 years since I've seen him. But it was really great to talk to him, somehow whenever we talk we're always able to jump right back in as though no time has passed. I think it's probably because our background and childhood stories are nearly identical, or at least pretty damned close. We each understand where the other is coming from, and we were with each other for a lot of the major stops along the way. Or something. His phone was dying throughout the conversation, and eventually gave up the ghost in the middle of our conversation, so he still owes me half a conversation at some point.

Other random notes:

- we bought a dehumidifier for the basement. It seems to be doing good work. Like Mother Teresa.

- I've been on a mini Kerouac trip lately. I picked up his first novel The Town and City not too long ago and have been slowly making my way through it. I've been enjoying it, although it's not much of a page-turner. Instead it's more like eating little morsels and letting them dissolve on your tongue. Anyway, also picked up a cheap 'history of the Beats' with lots of pictures, and I'm planning on picking up the 'original scroll' version of On the Road later this week. Despite my love for a lot of DFW's stuff, I think that when you compare their bodies of work in their entireties, Kerouac is still my favorite writer.

- what's on the agenda for today? Eggs, dishes, a phone call to the folks, perhaps some spades with the Beej. Sometime during the Beej's two-month stay in the Baltimore/DC area we're going to broaden our burger horizons, and I'm going to take him to lunch at the Hamilton Tavern where he can experience the Crosstown Burger with bacon, which I think is my favorite burger. And, although I totally endorse getting it with the bacon, every time, neither the Jeanners nor our friend Katie ever does. But I swear to God, the secret is in the bacon. So if you're ever in Hamilton Tavern and you're thinking of getting a Crosstown Burger, do me (and yourself!) a favor and get it with bacon.

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