Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hot hot heat.

It's starting to be hot today. In the 90's. I'm guessing it'll be hot now for most of the duration of the summer. It hasn't been too bad inside, though, as long as you're laying on a bed doing nothing with a box fan blowing on you.

Today the Beej (who arrived in Baltimore while we were away in St. Louis) and I headed to the Rec Room for our annual outing of tasty burgers and catching up. Always a good time. He will be in town for a few months while working on Hamlet with PKP, so hopefully we will be able to get together and play some geek games at some point in the near future, as well as get together with the A-Train, who I haven't seen since last year, which is a disgrace considering she lives about 30 minutes away.

The J-Dog ain't home yet. Where is she? Affair? Probably.

The third season of Big Love is pretty darned good. We usually end up watching an episode from 9pm to 10pm and then hitting the hay. It's been a decent way to end the day, although we only have a few episodes left and then we'll have to find something else to do, like work on our torn up house.

Jeannie's garden is doing nicely, thanks for asking.

I shouldn't feel hungry, but I do. It's probably boredom and not actually hunger, though.

Willie Nelson cut his hair.


Anonymous said...

water drink water... then see if you are still hungry..

Aimee said...

Dan! It's sad that the last time I saw you guys was last year... how do we suck that much? Let's hang out!!

Also, I don't know if you take requests for blog topics, but I would like to know what you thought about the LOST finale...

Little Messy Missy said...

Your very lucky, it has been raining and near freezing temps....I love watching Big Love is like watching a car crash in slow motion!