Sunday, March 07, 2010

I can't drive 75.

A container of black beans gone bad was discovered in our fridge and it smelled just like my farts. This has led me to conclude that on most days, my stomach and lower GI is filled with rotting black beans. I think I'm gonna make that the thesis statement for my science fair project next year. Blue ribbon fer sure.

Lysistrata closed last night. I enjoyed working on it, I'm glad it's over so I can devote myself to the working on the house. Also, I got a speeding ticket last night, which is sucky but not unexpected. I just drive too darned fast. Always have. So, I shall pay my debt to society and continue to speed. But for awhile, I will speed more slowly. Also, I have been officially warned that I need to replace my tag light.

Tomorrow after work I'm heading over to Hampden to scout out a mirror for our bathroom. We've been half-assedly looking for a mirror for awhile, but tomorrow I'm devoting the entire other half of my ass to it. Personally, I have already seen a few mirrors that I think would suit our needs just fine, but there is someone else living here that is picky, and I will give you a hint that her name rhymes with Fuh Sheeners.

Tonight Jeannie proposed the idea that perhaps we could start to keep bees here at the house. Rejected.


Brian said...

The last sentence was my favorite.

Portland's girl. said...

Oh my, what a post. Sorry, about the bees Jeannie! Black beans, in the fridge...Hmmm, TMI. I prefer the whole world to believe I don't ever have such bodily functions...Ha ha ha TMI from, me too ha ha ha.