Monday, March 01, 2010



Another weekend of Lysistrata down. Friday night after I got home from the show, I got on the internet and tuned into Whole Wheat Radio out of Talkeetna, AK, to catch a live performance from Spiff and Melissa. It was pretty cool, because when you logged on the site to listen live, you could chat with other folks who were listening and leave comments that they would read live at the concert. So, for example, I was able to request "Parents Just Don't Understand," and they read it to Spiff and Melissa, and Spiff instantly knew it was me who requested it. It was pretty cool. Also cool to read the thoughts of people who were hearing them for the first time. All-in-all, it was a really fun time, almost like being there. Unfortunately, because Alaska is 4 hours behind us, the show wasn't over until 3 in the morning.

Then, on Saturday, I had a matinee of Lysistrata, then a theatre company meeting, then an evening show of Lysistrata, then a cast party. Got home at 2 in the morning. Then up for work on Sunday morning. Luckily I was able to catch up on sleep on Sunday. The cast party was a really good time. Good food, and then small-group conversation in the living room while listening to Greg Brown and John Prine and such. I miss small-group late night conversation.

Tonight after work I was interviewed by a strategic planning consultant that has been hired by the theatre company to help us plan out the next couple of years. It was kind of fun and kind of one of those situations where you feel like a dick no matter how you answer and even if there's no real reason to feel like a dick. I guess maybe I just don't like to be interviewed.

Shit's been going on, so not much has happened with the house. Which is ok, I guess, but I'm a little worried that we've slowed down too much. Maybe we're just at a point where we're a little bit stuck until we find the trim pieces that we need to find to match the rest of the door headers in the house.

The other day I saw an older white woman combing her hair with a pick. Is that strange? It seemed strange to me.


Brian said...

I believe that I also saw her... independent of you seeing her.

Esther said...

Hi Bob - So glad you could catch the Spiff/Melissa concert on Whole Wheat Radio on Friday - and glad you're sharing the wonderfulness of it with your readers. Just wanted to add that Whole Wheat Radio streams 24 hours a day - independent workin' musicians - heavy emphasis on awesome under-the-radar singer-songwriters - the playlist dynamically and democratically controlled by the listeners themselves. Seein' your musical taste, I think you might love it, and you don't have to stay up till 3AM to discover all this amazing new music. Just sayin'... :-)