Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Under the Influence of Texas

Today I was in a waiting room with a TV and there was a news report about a woman who was "driving under the influence in Texas," but I heard "driving under the influence OF Texas." It was pretty funny. Sometimes I think people should be arrested if they're driving under the influence of Texas. I'm looking at you and your boots, E. Elz.

2010 has so far been a pretty damned good year, music-wise. Laura Veirs is still up there with my favorite album, but she now shares the top spot with the band Beach House and their album Teen Dream. They're a Baltimore band that is getting some national indie attention (they were in the #1 spot on Rolling Stone's College Charts a month ago) and it's a really solid album. I would recommend it to pretty much everybody who I know that reads this blog, with the exception of Spiff because there's no acoustic guitars. Here's one of my favorite (although not my favorite favorite) songs on the album:

Midlake's album is in the #2 spot. It's a good album all the way through (some nice acoustic guitars, Spiff) but doesn't have any songs that reach out and grab you by the shorthairs. Plus, Josh Rouse's new album is decent (it's better listening to it at work than it is at home) and the show of his that we saw with PKP and T-bone earlier in the year was pretty awesome. We have also purchased tickets to go to another show with PKP and T-Bone to see Josh Ritter in May.

Our good friend Katie is over right now, eating stirfry and telling us about a Jewish farm. I think I'm gonna make a G&T.

I have started running again. The first day I thought my heart was going to explode. Second day was better.

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