Sunday, February 14, 2010

You Are Not My Valentine

Real quick like, cause I want to go to bed soon. Things that have happened:

1. I haven't been to work for about a week, because of a) snow, b) just having days off, and c) fraudulent sick days. It's been nice, but the party's over after tomorrow.

2. Jeannie and I got to go sledding on Thursday. We walked about a mile and a half to Lake Montebello, where there is a pretty decent hill. It was fun until our snow tube blew far away, across a big field and then across the street on the other side of that field, into some trees. We were able to recover it, however.

3. Jeanners had her birthday. She worked pretty late and then we went to dinner at Clementine. It's right down the street and we had never been there. I enjoyed it, although the things we ordered were pretty much the only reasonably priced items on the menu. It was also a little loud, but I'll bet that on a night when there aren't bunches of cabin-feverish people out and about, it isn't too bad.

4. After quite a bit of wrangling, we hung the door for our bathroom today. It's really nice to have a bathroom door. Unfortunately we took it right back down again because we're stripping the paint off of it. We've been stripping the paint off a lot of stuff lately, and probably will be for the foreseeable future. It makes our basement smell like oranges. Funny story about our bathroom door: I bought it from this architectural salvage place called 'Second Chance,' and it was painted white, but they had marked it in the middle of the upper panel on one side with a red spray paint glob. I really like the red spray paint glob because it kinda looks like somebody blew their brains out right next to the door. Jeannie, however, does not like the red glob and doesn't understand why I do. Whatever. She wins, the paint is all getting stripped off, red glob and all. One day after the divorce I'll have my very own all-white bathroom with a red spray paint glob on the back of the door.

Side note: I have discovered that every time I try to write the word 'bathroom,' I first write 'bathrrom' and I have to go back and correct it. Annoying.

Tomorrow: guys coming to tear up part of the basement floor, and we don't have to pay for it. Will they show up?

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Brian said...

I mean, you have to get up, but it's not like you really are working. Suck it up. Unless you are closing. In which case, I retract this whole statement.