Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Who knew?

Who knew it really would be the blizzard of the century? Right now it's snowing again, a predicted 13 to 21 inches on top of the 26 inches that it dumped on us the other day. The Jeanners has been off work for a pretty long stretch, and it's looking like she'll be off a few more days if the snow falls tonight the way they're saying it will. For me, however, the snow seems to fall only on days when I'm already scheduled to be off, so I haven't gotten any extra time. The opening of Lysistrata, though, has been pushed back a week because we've lost a little under a week of rehearsals. I am both happy and sad about this. I was looking forward to my portion of the show being over in a few days.

I will say this: shoveling snow is a great way to meet your neighbors and give them a good impression of yourself, and the City of Baltimore has not done a good job of clearing away the snow. It stopped snowing (the first time) on Saturday, and we have yet to be plowed on Tuesday night. On Sunday, one of our neighbors with a snow blower cleared pretty much our whole street, and myself and another neighbor were out there with shovels helping, and that's the only reason I've been able to get to work. Oh well, at least we haven't lost power.

Today at work I told a customer that it was very rude for her to be on her cellphone the whole time she was talking to me. She was about 65 years old and a bit of a bitch.

Tomorrow the J-Dog and I are goin' sleddin'!

I have determined H. Steinmetz' future occupation: concierge.

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