Friday, February 19, 2010

Skeleton Key

A few days ago I was telling my parents about how we got our bathroom door hung, and how we're stripping the paint off of it, and how we're going to come up with a way to lock it, because it's an old door with old skeleton key locks and of course, since we bought the door from a salvage place, the key has been long lost somewhere.

A little while after I got off the phone with them, my dad called back and said that about 60 years ago, when he was around 12, he and his friends used to play in an old "haunted mansion" on his street. Basically, a big old abandoned house that they were all scared of (he said that they had theories that their grade-school janitor lived there [I remember having similar theories about my grade-school janitors...]) and that they used to vandalize. He said it was about 3 or 4 stories and they used to go up to the top and drop furniture into the basement to watch it explode. He said they once found a big mirror ("about as tall as a person") and they dropped it down and it was the biggest explosion he's ever seen.

He proceeded to tell me that one day he found a big bunch of skeleton keys and he was convinced that they were the keys to a treasure somewhere, and he had held on to them ever since. Yesterday this box arrived in the mail:

This morning I went down and tried the keys on our bathroom door. The one that I marked with blue tape worked.

Thanks, Dad!

(Your treasure will be waiting for you in our bathroom.)


Brian said...

That paranthetical ending sounded creepy, dan. I'm sure it wasn't intended.. but yikes

Karista said...

Your dad is awesome.

Gena Brady Allen said...

treasure in the bathroom...nice...that is a super cool story!

Schluetermetz said...

stinkets? trinkets?

(that key thing is amazing, by the way)


JK said...

this rules