Friday, February 05, 2010

Blizzard of the Century!

Perhaps not. It's snowing now, a bit. And maybe it'll keep snowing all night and all day tomorrow. But I doubt it'll be the blizzard of the century. According to PKP, it's not even a blizzard at all. Speaking of PKP, he and Teresa and the J-Dog and I went to see Josh Rouse the other night at a little music venue in Alexandria, VA. It was a good time. A good show (it sounds like JR's next album is gonna be pretty good, although mostly in Spanish), and it was good to see the cool kids, too.

Tonight, the Jeanners has made a tasty potato soup, and we'll probably sit and watch the snow fall and listen to some tunes and then probably watch an Arrested Development or two. Speaking of Arrested Development, I had a customer come in the other day who was looking for it, but could not remember what its name was. He described it thusly: "That HBO show about the screwed up family where the dad was a secret agent in Iraq. It's called distorted something." Just in case you've never seen the show, I will fill you in on the fact that there is nothing accurate about what the man said, except that the program is about a screwed up family.

Work on Lysistrata has commenced in earnest, and by this time next week the show will have opened. I am very much looking forward to that.

Tomorrow we will be snowed in, and we will do a lot of work on the house, hopefully. I will have biscuits with breakfast.

The other day I saw someone who looked exactly like a Jewish Ricky Elz (more Jewish than he already looks, that is). It looked so much like him that I didn't think to myself, "Wow, that guy really looks like Ricky Elz," but rather, "Why is Ricky Elz in Baltimore wearing a yarmulke?"

Potato soup is good.


Brian said...

that is Arrested Development in a nutshell if you ask me.s

Mindlistener said...

I wish it snowed even a little where I live.