Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Adventure

So on Saturday the area got dumped on by a bunch of snow, enough that work was closed (on what would have been the busiest day of the year, no less!) so the Jeanners and I had a snow adventure at the new house. It was a good time. Snow is good.

Katie is back in town and has come over a couple of times to help with the drywalling of the bathroom. It sure is nice that she's back in town.

I am no good at drywalling. I'll be glad when this portion of the program is over.

I'm off work today and I'll be walking over to the house to do some small framing projects, and I might try to get some of the snow off the lower portion of the roof so that there are no moisture problems.

Blogging about moisture problems is perhaps more boring than blogging about interest rates, and I shall make every attempt to not do it in the future.

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