Friday, December 25, 2009

Cool Ranch Christmas

Merry Christmas 2009, everybody.

I'm sitting on our couch, and it's cold in the apartment. I have my winter jammies on (long sleeve t-shirt, brown long underwear bottoms, brown stocking cap) and there's a choir on NPR singing Christmas carols. We have opened presents from Jeannie's folks, and we've had a tasty bacon and fake-sausage breakfast, and I finished off my cool ranch Doritos, which were my present from the J-Dog last night. Had a long, busy day at work yesterday, although it was not too busy, and I received some Guinness and Gin and tonic and limes as Christmas presents from my co-workers. They know what I like. That being said, today is exactly one month after the one-night-only reunion show of the Quintessential Pine Tree Brothers, where I went a little overboard with the celebratory libations, and I haven't had any booze since. Just wanted to see what a month with no drink would be like, would it be rough or would it be ok? Turns out it was ok.

Today we'll begin tiling the shower in the new bathroom. Perhaps all the little mistakes we've been making along the way will come to a head, but perhaps we'll find out that we're actually in better shape than we think and we're worrying for no reason. Will it be rough or will it be OK? Stay tuned. Can't wait for this bathroom to be done. The plumber comes back on Monday to install the toilet and sink.

I think this is the first Christmas ever that the Jeanners and I haven't been home. Feels a little strange but not too bad. We've missed other holidays and this just feels like another one of those. Still, Christmas is a time when we usually get to catch up with a lot of family and friends, and it sucks a bit to have to go a longer stretch without seeing everybody.

We've rented a moving truck for Wednesday to make the move to the new place. Yikes. Since we're still working on a rather large portion of the house, we're going to be sleeping in the dining room for awhile.

I guess that's it for now. Hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas.

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I ownz you said...

D & J, we missed you at the Ritz last night. It was absolute chaos. More than usual...
We even had some douchebag named Oscar who was from some Carribean island somewhere join us. He actually said at one point, "ah, yes, hello ... ladies."

Yes, you guys were missed by all. Even by Lil John Borgemeyer.