Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Doesn't the basement look scary?

Ugh. Slow progress. The remainder of the year is ticking away.

Today at work was the day that happens each year when I get really tired of seeing people. Work hasn't been too bad yet, though.

Today John Waters came into the store. But I wasn't much help. I wanted to tell him that I really loved the "no smoking" thing that he did, but I thought that it might be insulting to tell someone who has made many movies that the piece of work that you really like is a little fart of a joke that you saw on the internet.


Brian said...

Of course it's when I take three days off in a row.

I think he would have appreciated that if you mentioned how much you liked it. Probably more than if someone was like "I really like Hairspray."

Your guys' house project is cute. Good luck with everything.

stinky said...

Be honest. You've used that toilet, haven't you.