Thursday, November 05, 2009

Enoch Muthafuckin' Pratt

My damned wife is out of town for the week, and she took our goddamn wireless card with her, and I am unable to connect to the blessed Internet at home. Thus, I am sitting here at the Hamilton Branch of Baltimore City's Enoch Prattt free library. This is a damned shitty branch.

I have a splinter in my pointer.

The other night in my car I heard the song "I'm a Cuckoo" by Belle and Sebastian for the first time. I sat outside our place and listened until it was over. If I had Internet access I would download it. Unfortunately, the store where I work charges $17.99 for the CD, and even with my discount that's too expensive.

Julius Ceasar has closed outdoors, and on Tuesday we loaded up everything into a moving truck, took it to Goucher College, set everything up, focused lights, did the show, packed everything up, and took it all to McDonogh School, where we unloaded it, set everything up, and have been rehearsing for the past few nights with high school students added into the show. Performances this weekend. It's been a busy week, but everything has been unbelievably and surprisingly smooth.

Can't wait to get crackin' on the new house once Jeannie gets back in town. We need to get a dumpster outside so we can tear a bunch of moldy, nasty shit out of the basement. We also need to start tearing up the "bathroom." Today I took our stereo over and set it up because even shithole houses need stereos. The folks who cleaned out the house left behind a couple of pairs of speakers, one of which is pretty massive. I'm looking forward to trying them out.

The other night I had a dream that Jeannie left me for some other dude and I woke up in the middle of the night crying.

Last night I had a dream that some guy was arrested for drawing up plans for a device that would simultaneously kill himself and Michael Jackson. No lie!

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